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 Former Students  Now Dance Teachers



Anne Huffman  - Long Island , NY

Kim Brown Turner - Jackson, TN

Buffy Payne  -  East TN

Jacquelyn Ralls - Fort Worth, Texas

Dannella Pistono - Cicago, IL

Jessica Long  -  Fort Wayne, IN

Lindsay Pierson - Seattle, WA

Rhonda Rush - Jackson, TN (Retired)

Elizabeth Pappis - Tulsa, OK

Corneila Link Seifert,  Martin, TN

Jeanne McCaghren - England, UK

Valarie Spragins - Jackson, TN

Jenny Patzele -Fanatic Dance - Rostock, Germany

Sarah Purcell - Jackson, TN

Tami Brown Stanfield - Louisville, KY

Linda Martin Center - Dalton, GA  (Retired)

Jimmy Joyner, 




Intermediate Ballet

Current and former students of the Pat Brown School of Dancing have achieved great success in teaching careers as well as in many other professions.

We celebrate their achievements as mentors in the dance community.

Alumni are encouraged to keep us up-to-date on their activities!

Remember that our 50th Anniversary year is coming up in 2015.  Be Here!!



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