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Pat Brown

Once Upon A Time...there was a happy little four-year-old girl child. Her mother thought it would be nice to see her in a cute dance costume on the stage. The mother enrolled her in a neighborhood dance studio and made preparations for the big event. The little girl was dressed in a yellow print dance dress, fitted with black tap shoes and brought to a basement studio for her first lesson.

The studio was separated from the waiting area by a large drape. As the mother and daughter sat there before the class began they could hear the teacher explaining, correcting and encouraging students in the previous class. She sounded so nice, so friendly, so caring that the little girl could hardly wait to see her. "What did she look like? Is she as pretty as she sounds? Will she like me?" the child thought. Finally the moment arrived and the class that shaped the little girl's future was called to begin.

To the teacher it was probably just another class. To the child it was magic. She clapped and tapped to music and listened when the teacher gave her corrections. What a feeling! Her little body felt so good as it responded to the demands placed on it by both teacher and child. They were a team! How wonderful to be accepted as part of that team. From that awesome moment the child wanted to be a dance teacher when she "grew up", just like her dance teacher. In the world of fairytales there may never have been such a great commitment made with such little thought.

As the child grew, her passion for dance knowledge grew. She wasn't really a lot better or worse than her peers but her desire and love of dance far outshone her limitations.

Dance was the one part of her life that seemed challenging yet consistent. She also admired her dance teacher and was learning so many other skills besides dance. She could concentrate, set priorities, laugh at herself, fail, try again, succeed, care about others and reach goals. As a young adult, teaching dance became her career. She never thought of it as work. It was fun!

She began to dream of producing students that would excel under her teaching, enter the dance world and LEAVE THEIR MARK! She always wondered if she had that ability.

Years passed on as her life was filled with marriage, children, relocating to a small southern city and teaching dance to a great number of children in many communities near and far.

One day she stopped and reflected about the many children that had touched her heart in sharing their love of dance with her. She thought "I've taught so many, but has one LEFT THEIR MARK in the dance world?" A voice deep inside her called out "Remember all the young women that are wives, mothers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, cooks, clerks, nurses, artists and more." Then she knew that her dream of training a student to LEAVE THEIR MARK in the dance world wasn't as important as the knowledge that she had been part of a team. Her students were LEAVING THEIR MARK ... ON THE WORLD!

"Miss Pat"

The Pat Brown School of Dancing relocated to our new building in 2003.

Spacious new
Studio C!


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