Regular Season Classes

Regular season classes start in mid-August and run through early June. There are approximately 33 to 34 lessons per season, and the number of lessons per month will vary based on holidays and school schedules.


Baby Dance
Classes for 18 months to 3 years babies and you move together for fun. Dance and play while building baby’s body and brain. Sing, say, and move to nursery rhymes and to a wide variety of music. Activities are taught that can be explored at home. It’s a time for learning in a playful environment. read moreĀ»

Primary Dance I, II, and III
For young children age 3 by June 1st (not yet in 1st grade), we offer three levels of primary work. These levels are designed to introduce the young child to many forms of movement while encouraging creative ability, musicality and coordination. Includes introduction to traditional ballet movement, tap, and acrobatics. Level placement will be determined by the dance studio staff.


Consists of traditional barre and center exercise with correct posture and placement. Pointe work is added when the teacher so determines. The training that a student receives in ballet classes far outweighs the movements learned. It is beneficial to the mind, to self-discipline, teaches logical and analytical thinking and is the basis for all forms of movement.

Lyrical /Modern/ Contemporary Dance
A style of dance  created by merging ballet jazz and modern dance. This dance can inspire emotions

A continuation of classical ballet where the dancers rises to her toes.  This requires teacher recommendation.

(First grade and older)

Jazz/ Pre-Jazz
Represents the freedom and strength of today’s youth with movements both natural and technical.
The movements taught are appropriate to the child’s age and ability.

Produces coordination and rhythmic timing while showing quick visible progress.  Old world tap to upbeat music styles.

Offers graceful movement, similar to gymnastics, without the use of equipment.  Helps teach body control and fitness.

This class consists of power tricks such as round-offs, back hand springs etc.

Latest popular street funk using conservative rap music. Gives the student a feel for the ever-popular street style of dance while keeping in line with family value systems.

Adult Classes
Classes in tap, jazz, and ballet  are offered for fun and exercise.

Class Schedules will be ready at the end of July of the upcoming season.