As in any private school, you are expected to enroll for the entire season, but you have the advantage of paying in monthly installments due in advance the first of each month. For more information about our tuition policy, please see Tuition Policy.
Please note that the term “level” may not correspond with the number of years the child has been dancing. Levels are determined by the dance studio staff.



30 MIN. CLASSES – Primary I, II,  1st and 2nd Year Tap, Jazz, Hip hop.

45 MIN. CLASSES –  Primary III, All Acrobats, 1st – 4th level Ballet,  3rd year and up Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

60 MIN. CLASSES AND MORE – Tumbling, Intermediate and Advanced of all styles of Dance


2019- 2020

Class Length Hours per Week Monthly Pmt Rate per Year
30 Minute Class 30 min. $40 $400
45 Minute Class 45 min. $47 $470
60 Minute Class 60 min. $53 $530
75 Minute Class 75 min. $57 $570
90 Minute Class 90 min. $62 $620
Tuition Discount for Multiple Classes

If you would like to enroll in more than one class, you will receive a discount on your tuition for the subsequent classes. This applies to regular season classes only. You will pay full price for the first class, then pay for the rest of your  classes   with the following discounts:

Number of Classes Discount
First Class Full Price (Highest class)
Second Class 20% off
Third Class 30% off
Fourth  Class 40% off
Fifth Class 50% off
Sixth or more Classes  * 100% off
If you are enrolling more than one child, please ask about our family discount.

Special Combination Class Program**

Hours per Week Monthly Pmt Rate per Year
Ballet & Tap 75 MIN. $68 $680
Ballet & Hip-Hop 75 MIN. $68 $680
Ballet & Jazz 75 MIN. $68 $680
 The  price structure with generous discounts  will cap costs at your  5th class.
Baby Dance             $60             6 week course

* Some restrictions apply.  (a list of limitations can be found on the tuition policy page under studio policies.
** First-year students only.