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Fees and Dues

Pat Brown School of Dancing
Presents our 57th annual recital
Recital June 4, 2022
Carl Perkins Civic Center

Due Dates for Costume and Recital Fees 

Recital participation is assumed and your account will be charged October 1st with a costume deposit ($40 each costume) for each class that is planned for recital. You will receive the policies about costumes, rehearsals and performances when they come out at the end of September. Costume deposit payment is due by Oct. 31st. Or, at that time, you will be able to fill out a non-participating recital form and turn it into the studio.

The form is due before OCT. 31st.

Recital Charges and Payment dates Due
• October 1st costume Deposit ——–Due oct.31
October 1st non-participation form —–Due Oct 31
• January 1st costume balance ———-Due Jan. 31
• March 1st recital fee———————-Due March 31

Recital Costumes

We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. They are always age-appropriate and of the highest quality possible at mid range prices. Preschool students will need one costume; all other students will need one costume for each subject they train in. Costumes include all accessories (hats, gloves, etc.), but not tights or shoes.

In an effort to ensure that costumes are delivered in time for an organized distribution to our students, costume orders are placed during the December holiday break. Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations or offer refunds; therefore the school does not refund costume deposits.

Costume Deposits

Costumes are paid for in two installments, due October 31st and January 31st.  The amount varies depending on the size of the student. See table below.

Prices are determined by the size of the costume needed by the student as determined by the costume company.  The costume balances will be posted after Jan. 14 and will be due by Jan. 31.  Any special orders such as XX large sizes or late orders may require an additional charge  and are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Size Oct. 31 Deposit  Jan. 31 Final Pmt TOTAL COST
Preschool I – III (one costume) $40 $25 $65
All other sizes (price is per class) $40 $40.00 $80.00

Recital Fee

An non-refundable recital fee of $80.00 (plus $40 per additional sibling) per family is due March 31st… This is separate from the costume deposits.

Payment Policies

Payment will be drafted  from your account on the dates listed above.

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