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Registration takes place May thru August prior to the beginning of the school year.

Registration must be completed before a student will be considered for placement. Class schedules are determined by student registration, so please do not wait for a schedule to be announced before enrolling. Once a schedule is made it cannot be changed.

 There are three periods of registration.
New FamiliesTotal Early enrollment
5/1/23 – 6/15/23
Standard Reg.
6/16/23 – 10/31/23
1st student$50.00$70.00
2nd student$65.00$100.00
3rd student$80.00$130.00
4th student$95.00$160.00
5th student$110.00$190.00
Current FamiliesTotal Renewal enrollment
5/1/23 – 6/15/23
Total Re-enrollment after dropping
6/16/23 – 10/31/23
1st student$40.00$70.00
2nd student$55.00$100.00
3rd student$70.00$130.00
4th student$85.00$160.00
5th student$100.00$190.00

NEW PAYMENT METHOD – ONLY AUTOMATIC PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED – For Registration, Tuition, Costume, and Recital Fees.

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