Former students in the teaching and entertainment field

Linda Martin Center – Dalton, GA (Retired)
Samantha Chung – Canada (hip hop video’s)
Daniel Taylor Haviland – Michigan
Anne Huffman – Long Island, NY
Jimmy Joyner, Nashville Ballet
Jessica Long – Fort Wayne, IN
Jeanne McCaghren – England, UK
Elizabeth Pappis – Tulsa, OK
Jenny Patzele -Fanatic Dance – Rostock, Germany
Buffy Payne – East TN
Lindsay Pierson – Young Americans
Lauren Prichard – New York (singer, song writer)
Dannella Pistono – Chicago, IL
Caroline Purcell – Knoxville, TN
Jacquelyn Ralls – Fort Worth, Texas
Rhonda Rush – Jackson, TN (Retired)
Corneila Link Seifert, Martin, TN (Retired)
Valarie Spragins – Jackson, TN
Kim Brown Turner – Jackson, TN
Jeremey Stanfield – New York City
Tami Brown Stanfield – Louisville, KY
Jennifer Whitelaw – New York City


“I am fortunate that my daughter can dance under the expertise of the teachers at Pat Brown School of Dancing. I know that Livvy will develop technique, as well as a love for performing onstage. I look forward to many years of cherished memories with Ms. Pat.”

former student Erin H.