Why should my child take more than one class of the same style per week?

When a student only take once a week they lose approx.. 80% of what they learned the prior week.

What are the age limits for Pat Brown School of Dancing?

18 – 34 months for Dance with Me

Must be 3 by June 1st for the preschool program

1st grade – Adult for all other classes.

There is no age limit for adults, although adult classes are limited.

Why is there a dress code?

There are several reasons for a dress code. When students are dressed alike, it is easier to see mistakes and to make corrections quickly. Students who must wear a specific uniform will take the class more seriously, working harder and playing less. Dress codes also reduce the competition of fashion.

What do primary classes consist of?

Primary classes (under 1st grade) use tap, ballet, Acrobatic Arts and creative movement to introduce children to dance, helping them to develop learning skills and coordination. There are three levels of preschool work, each one emphasizing a different style of dance.

How many students are in each class?

The size of classes vary from 8 to 18. Consideration is taken for the age of the student, the level of skill and the experience of the teacher. Assistants are added when a class is large or the students are young.

How are students transferring from another school placed?

All schools do not teach alike and the sequence of skills will differ from one school to the next. Students transferring to our school will take a placement audition to find out how our school can best benefit his or her dance education.

What if my child is already 6 but has repeated kindergarten? Can she take regular beginner classes?

We have found that children who must delay first grade generally do not do well in regular classes that require longer focus and concentration. Your child will be placed in the Primary Program at her appropriate skill level, to be determined by the studio staff.

Can I check my account balance or pay my monthly installment online?

Yes.  Accounts can be viewed and paid on line through a portal on our website.  You will be given a password for access.