Attendance Policy

Absences and Tardiness

It is expected that students attend class regularly and on time.

Irregular attendance and consistent tardiness may result in a change to a lower class level until the problem is resolved.

If a child is more than ten minutes late, they will be asked to watch instead of attend. Late students have missed proper warm up and are at risk of injury.

Notify the studio immediately if there will be an extended absence due to serious illness. We will be glad to put your child on inactive status. In this case a doctor’s note will be needed stating when the student may return to classes. Inactive status is not available for prolonged absences due to sports, theater or vacation commitments.

Financial refunds or credits are not given for missed lessons.


Make-Up Lessons

Students may make up lessons missed due to sickness, in a similar class, within two weeks of the absence.

There will be make-up lessons if lessons are missed due to teacher’s illness.

It is not the studio’s responsibility to make up lessons missed due to social activities or school activities..

No further make-up lessons will be available after mid-April of the school year.


Weather-Related Cancellations

There are two weather days built in for each class during the year. Any additional class missed after two will be made up by the dance studio.

In the case of inclement weather we will send cancellation notifications by e-mail and text (to anyone that has opted into text system). You may also check our Facebook Page

Postings will be announced on WBBJ and 101.5. Always check e-mail when there is question