Class Attire

Dress Code Policy

In order to achieve the maximum discipline and safety in class, we ask that all students observe the following requirements. See the chart below for specific attire required in your child’s class.

Personal Grooming

Jewelry such as rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and loose earrings should be removed prior to class. Hair should be kept out of the face and off the neck as much as possible for every class. Students should never chew gum or eat food while taking class as choking could occur.

Fit of Clothing

Some of the less expensive leotards are a problem because of the cut and fit. They ride up and do not cover the backend of the child, and the child spends most of her time pulling or yanking on it. We have found that most leotards do not fit properly because they are too big. They should fit snugly and follow the curve of the back. If a leotard is too big, it is difficult for the teacher to correct or assist a child. Please buy Capezio  (NOT STUDIO BASICS) or Danskin Brand in correct sizes.


Please – NO Wal-Mart brand shoes. Their ballet shoes are made in such a way that the teacher cannot tell if the child is pointing their feet. The tap shoes do not have a full tap on them, and the teacher cannot tell if your child is making the proper sound. Please buy Capezio brand to fit (not grow into). Visit Special Occasions next door for personalized fitting service.

NOTE: If your child can still wear last year’s shoes, please DO NOT buy new ones. Buy the right color when you need a new size.


PRIMARY PROGRAM I, II Pink leotard and light pink tights (Capezio # 1916C). Pink ballet shoes (Capezio #205C, 2037C or 212C) and  tan tap shoes. (Capezio brand  #3800C or #N625C)
PRIMARY III Pink  leotard    and light pink tights (Capezio  1916C). Tights need to be transition tights. Pink ballet shoes (Capezio #205C, 2037C or 212C) and tan tap shoes. (Capezio brand #3800C or #N625C)
Ballet Black leotard, ballet pink tights. NO SHIRTS, SHORTS, PANTS OR SKIRTS 1st – 3rd year Pink ballet shoes (Capezio #205C, 2037C or 212C) (check with your teacher)

4th year and up Split sole shoes (Capezio brand style #205S, #2037, #2038 or CG2002)



Black leotard, pink or CARMEL tights. Dance shorts or jazz pants are allowed. NO SHIRTS 1st – 4th year Carmel tap shoes (Capezio brand #3800)

5th Yr. and up Black/Tan tap oxford (check with your teacher)

ACROBATIC Black leotard, pink, black or CARMEL tights. NO SHIRTS, SHORTS,PANTS OR SKIRTS are allowed.   Black/Carmel boot (Capezio #EJ2 or #CG15)
JAZZ AND PRE-JAZZ Black leotard, pink, black or CARMEL tights. Jazz pants or Dance shorts are allowed) NO SHIRTS OR SKIRTS are allowed. 1st and 2nd year Carmel jazz shoes (Capezio  # EJ1)

3rd year – up Black/carmel jazz boots.(Capezio # CG15 )




Black leotard, pink, black or CARMEL footless tights. Foot undies, Pirouettes’, or dance paws
HIP-HOP Black any style plain leotard. Check with teacher at class for style of pants Black hip hop shoes (Capezio style #DS03) or DS24 required after 3 weeks.