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Tuition Policy

As in any private school, you are expected to enroll for the entire season, but you have the advantage of paying in monthly installments due in advance the first of each month. There are approximately 33 to 34 lessons per season, and the number of lessons per month will vary based on holidays and school schedules.

Whether a given month includes two lessons or five, you will be responsible for the entire month’s tuition payment. There will be no reduction or financial refund for missed classes or regular school holidays, but you will not be charged extra for the fifth lesson in a month or for extra rehearsals called.

If you are enrolling more than one child, please ask about our family discount.

After enrolling for your sixth class all other classes are FREE.  Limitations in this program are as follows::

  1. Only classes below the students level are available.
  2. Your are responsible for the entire season.  (No drops in April or May will be allowed.)
  3. You can only add classes that are not filled with regular fee students.  If you want a class that is full you will be put on a wait list.
  4. Make-up classes because of missed or cancelled classes are not guaranteed.
  5. Teachers will decide  in what recital dances the student will perform.

Payment Information – NEW METHOD OF PAYMENT – ONLY AUTOMATIC PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED – For Registration, Tuition, Costume, and Recital Fees.

Automatic withdraws can only be discontinued by a written notice turned into the office the month before you want to drop.

1-Pay Plan:

2-Pay Plan:

10-Pay Plan:

Costume Charges:

Costume and Recital fees will be withdrawn as listed below unless we receive a NON – Participation form by Nov. 15th.

Recital Fees:

I understand Pat Brown School of Dancing will charge my account a $20 fee for any non sufficient funds payments.


No student with an outstanding balance will be accepted for enrollment until the account is paid in full.


To withdraw from any classes the  studio must be informed in writing and turn it in to the studio office 7 days before the end of a month. All automatic bank debit and credit card charges will stop after the one-month notice period.  If a written notice is not received you will continue to be responsible for tuition AND YOUR AUTOMATIC CHARGES OR WITHDRAWS WILL CONTINUE. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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