Online Classes

The Virtual Classes are prepared to help you maintain your health and fitness in dance. We all look forward to being seeing you in class soon.

Virtual Classes Available 2020 – 2021 Season

As you dance with us at home, please make sure you:

  1. Dress code is to be followed as if in studio
  2. No distractions while dancer is in class (siblings, pets, T.V. ect..)
  3. Must take entire class.
  4. Need to have good internet connection.
  5. Laptop screen or larger for class.
  6. Must follow check in procedure.
  7. Are in a safe space: nothing to hit, knock off a counter or trip on as you dance.
  8. Have decent flooring: (options in preferential order) carpet, wood/laminate, tile or concrete is the least optional.
  9. Watch your head when you jump.
  10. Be realistic with your ability. 

Only do steps and movements that you understand so you do not injure yourself.